Introduction about Review of Desalination system fed by Renewable energy

World natural resources of fresh water are constant or even decreasing while the world population continues to grow rapidly and is expected to increase from a current value of 6 billion inhabitants to 9 billion over 2050. This growth is associated with rapid expansion of urban regions, which consume large amounts of fresh water. Population increase and associated changes in lifestyle stress limited water resources even further. Governments and municipalities struggle to secure sufficient fresh water resources for the ever-increasing demand by adopting strict policies for conservation, water reuse, imports, transportation, and desalination [AND07]. According to the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), one over three peoples globally faces some form of water scarcity; one-fourth of the world population lives in areas where water is physically scarce, and over one billion people live where water is econom`ically scarce, or places where ‘‘water is available in rivers and … [Read more...]